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A welcoming symbol

Anyone who enters and is welcomed into a Herno space finds a library, the symbolic custodian of the company history. Sitting in an armchair or on a sofa in front of the fireplace, you can read it on the shelves: among the garments hanging on the iconic hooks, the fabric narrative is punctuated with art books, old photographs and family portraits, memories of the beginnings of the company, while screens where the play of water is reminiscent of contemporary art installations convey excellence, directing the gaze towards the future. A vertical wall of green connects visitors with the land and nature of the place in which the company has been based since 1948, and where ideas and products still take shape today. This is where an Italian story with strong ethics is being built, entrenched in the deep respect for those who work and used to work at Herno, as testified in the videos that alternate yesterday's faces with the faces of today. Their presence demonstrates just how essential it is to have ‘human capital', able to exercise the art of know-how: skilful dexterity, research, strategy, technique, technology and intelligence weave the texture of the fabrics into a story that gives substance and shape to beauty. Beauty to be touched.